Chung Hua University, one of the youngest and most rapidly growing schools in Taiwan, was born in August, 1990. Different from most other universities, Chung Hua was founded by three local Hsinchu entrepreneurs, Ron-Chang Wang, Zau-Juang Tsai, and Junq-Tzer Lin. Those three were later joined by twelve others, who have been also enthusiastic for education. With about 200 students for the first year, Chung Hua now has more than 10000 in total.

Chung Hua has 22 departments offering undergraduate courses as well as 15 Master Programs and 3 Doctoral Programs in Civil Engineering & Engineering Informatics, Technology Management and Engineering Science. The 15 graduate programs are in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Engineering Informatics, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Architecture & Urban Planning, Computer Science & Information Engineering, Business Administration, Applied Mathematics, Information Management, Transportation Technology and Logistics Management, Public Administration, Technology Management, Construction management, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Resources and Energy Technology, Industrial Engineering and System Management; the 22 departments are Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Information Engineering, Industrial Engineering and System  Management, Civil Engineering & Engineering Informatics, Architecture & Urban Planning, Mechanical Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Applied Mathematics, Information Management, Business Administration, International Trade, Transportation Technology & Logistics Management, Finance, Foreign Languages and Literature, Public Administration, Hospitality Management, Construction Engineering, Bioinformatics, Technology Management, Communication Engineering, Leisure and Recreational Management, Microelectronics Engineering. Meanwhile, in response to the request from local community, Chung Hua also offers night classes. Moreover, for those who want to pursue non-degree study, Chung Hua also provides certificate programs. Students at Chung Hua are assured of a bright and promising Future.
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